Expert Witness Reports

SHP VALUERS carry out Expert Witness reports under Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 for all dispute resolution matters relating to Land and Property.

Adam Pickervance MRICS is a recognised property expert in the residential, commercial, agricultural, development and investment sectors of the property world. Adam regularly carries out Single or Joint expert reports which are relied upon by Court and legal representatives alike, including giving Court evidence and assisting mediation services in matrimonial matters, partnership dissolutionment, Landlord & Tenant issues, professional negligence, neighbour and land disputes etc.

Procedural rules include :

  • Duty to restrict expert evidence Rule 35.1
  • Interpretation and definitions Rule 35.2
  • Experts – overriding duty to the court Rule 35.3
  • Court’s power to restrict expert evidence Rule 35.4
  • General requirement for expert evidence to be given in a written report Rule 35.5
  • Written questions to experts Rule 35.6
  • Court’s power to direct that evidence is to be given by a single joint expert Rule 35.7
  • Instructions to a single joint expert Rule 35.8
  • Power of court to direct a party to provide information Rule 35.9
  • Contents of report Rule 35.10
  • Use by one party of expert’s report disclosed by another Rule 35.11
  • Discussions between experts Rule 35.12
  • Consequence of failure to disclose expert’s report Rule 35.13
  • Expert’s right to ask court for directions Rule 35.14
  • Assessors Rule 35.15

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